Artist Bio:

Hi, my name is Michael Dragisic.  I’ve been tattooing for 17 Years.  I started out drawing when I was a young kid, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I came to California when I was 11.  

I got an apprenticeship at Fat Cat Tattoo in Fair Oaks California 19 Years ago, under the owner/Artist Chris Aguilar.  I also got a lot of help from Chris Patterson.  I thank them both very much.

You never really understand what you’ll go through in the beginning when you’re learning a trade.  Especially tattooing.  You think the veteran Artists are picking on you, but really they are just making you stronger so you can survive in this tough industry.  It took me many years to understand this. 

Now 18 years later I’m running my own tattoo shop, Black Rose Tattoo in Orangevale California.  

Now about my Tattooing, I love bright tattoos.  Color is my favorite tattooing.  I also enjoy Black N’ Grey Tattooing.  I do most types of tattooing.  I’m known for super clean lines.  If I can put it on paper, I can tattoo it.  So if you’re looking for that new clean Bright, or Black N’ Grey piece, come see me at Black Rose.  Ask for Michael D.