Piercing Aftercare

Your Piercing is an open sore! Therefore you are susceptible to infection!

The following aftercare is what we have found to be most effective:

Oral piercings

Every morning and every night rinse with full strength brown Listerine. Throughout the day carry a water bottle with a 50/50 water and Listerine mixture. Every time you eat, drink, or smoke anything when you’re finished gargle with the 50/50 solution. Use ice cubes and cold water for pain and swelling control as well as ibuprofen as needed. Avoid spicy or crunchy foods and straws as they may cause swelling and pain to increase.

  • For the next 7 days minimum:
  • NO beer or wine
  • NO dairy (yogurt, milk ect.)
  • No oral
  • No French kissing

All of these will create issues with your body’s ability to heal as well as increase risk of different infections.

External Piercings

Every morning and every night, first thing when you get out of bed, last thing before you get in bed;

  • Wash your hand clear up past your wrist with anti bacterial hand soap.
  • With your clean hands grab a couple q-tips out of the box.
  • Get one end wet with either saline or sea salt/water mixture.
  • Using only one end, clean the skin around the piercing as well as the jewelry itself.
  • Make sure there is no blood, dirt, makeup or crusty stuff around the jewelry or hole itself.